Better Performance,
Better Outputs

Help your engineers achieve the kind of performance that highly engineered, highly complex electronics manufacturers need to compete in today's marketplace.

Connecting the Digital Thread

When issues emerge, your engineers need all the data and tools at their fingertips to resolve the issue before your production line stops or faulty equipment escapes the factory.

IntraStage BlackBelt provides:

  • Normalized data for faster analysis
  • Best-in-class stock analytics
  • Plug-and-play ability with 3rd party reporting/analysis tools like Minitab, Matlab, Excel
  • Intuitive workflows for root-cause analysis and resolution

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Minimizing Repair and Touch Time

Aggregation and analysis of manufacturing, field, and return data

Single Source of Truth

Reduction in DPU and tracking Throughput Yield
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Turning Data Into Action

Learn how Medtronic integrated BlackBelt to gain a full picture of their KPIs

SPC insight

Full system monitoring product quality and process efficiency
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Improving Customer Satisfaction

Full visibility and control into return analysis process

Quick Deployment, New Insight

Rapid deployment to achieve deeper insights into product issues directly affecting customer satisfaction
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Zero Defects

Tightly controlling the manufacturing and rework process for highly complex, mission critical products

Single Source of Truth

Real-time feedback, absolute traceability, tight performance control
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Transforming Quality

Proactive approach to Contract Manufacturing quality and efficiency

Manage By Exception

Addressing issues as they arise with instant notification, alerts, and complete visibility
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