Repair, Rework, and RMA processes comprise the ‘Hidden Factory’ where critical data can remain in silos or even uncollected in a normalized, analyzable format. Typical ‘Hidden Factory’ repair methodologies lack automation of process, workflow, reporting, and management. Use the IntraStage FRACAS Platform

Use IntraStage FRACAS Platform to automate your repair process and ensure that the ‘missing link’ data that drives product improvement is captured and analyzable at the click of a button.

Integrate your manufacturing data in BlackBelt organically with your FRACAS data. Easily customize the data entry to capture the picklists, string fields, narratives, and tests you need to enrich your understanding of product failure. Automatically launch and assign repair processes based off of manufacturing or field failures.

Electronics Repair and Rework

RMA and Rework Workflow and Analytics.

Drive Key Performance indicators and drilldown analytics like:

Repair and Rework:

  • FA Paretos
  • Cycle Time
  • Traceability and Genealogy
  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Defect per million units (DPMO)
  • Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM, projected vs actual)
  • ‘Dog boards’/ ‘Bone Pile’
  • Nonconformance reports
  • ISO 9000 compliance/Failure Review Board Reports
  • Repairs by Supplier Component


  • RMAs by Defect/Model/Return Rate/Customer/Supplier/Contract Manufacturer
  • Scrap Rate by Defect/Model/Return Rate/Customer/Supplier/Contract Manufacturer
  • Return Rate
  • RMA Details
  • RMA History (with Manufacturing Digital Traveler)
  • Mean Time Between Control Failures (MTBCF)
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Mean Time To Repair/Return (MTTR)
  • Warranty Analytics
  • Cost of Repair/Labor Analytics


Contact IntraStage today to receive a demonstration of FRACAS. Learn how we can help you control your repair processes and uncover the hidden factory.