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NI accelerates productivity, innovation, and discovery through an open, software-centric platform, which effectively combine productive software with modular hardware. This platform-based approach leads to a dramatically faster engineering design process throughout all phases of discovery, design, development, and deployment. But there is also third component of the platform which enable successful project: the extensive ecosystem. It contains tools provided by LabVIEW Tools Network, global and local forums and communities, thousands of third-party instruments drivers and the Alliance Partner Network. The NI Alliance Partner Network has more than 1,000 Alliance Partner companies, including systems integrators, consultants, and LabVIEW Tools Network providers, ready to extend the functionality of the NI platform and help customers complete their solutions.

National Instruments

With competencies in business analytics, our Gold Partnership with Microsoft allows us to leverage the latest in technology for our clients. We are trained experts in business intelligence, web application development, SQL Server, as well as visualizations and analytics in SSRS, Power BI and Azure. Our integrated solutions deploy with a focus on automation of Lean-Six Sigma methods across all aspects of the product manufacturing life-cycle. We provide training and guidance as part of a full-service approach.

For 25 years, Data Science Automation®  (DSA) has been a premier automation systems integrator, leveraging commercial off-the-shelf tools in the design and implementation of custom-engineered, complete, and highly-adaptive solutions in laboratory automation, embedded/new product development, smart manufacturing, and test automation. The company provides an extensive array of automation engineering, programming, consulting & training services to dramatically improve research, manufacturing, government & business operations.  DSA is fast and methodical, staffed with exceptional, multi-disciplinary, certified professionals that consistently apply CSIA-certified best practices to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.

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IntraStage is a company with a unique vision to collect, organize, visualize and generate insights on the vast amounts of complex electronics manufacturing data that is produced by companies in the electronics design and manufacturing industry such as Motorola, Intel, General Electric, Philips, Honeywell, Teradyne, Leonardo, MBDA, Rolls-Royce, UTC and many more. Our mission is to help our customers improve their product quality and manufacturing efficiency. 

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