IntraStage announced the release of a Case Study with the experiences of a major Aerospace Electronics Manufacturer who understood the importance of managing their ATE’s (Automated Test Equipment) through the use of Test Data. Without properly checking the health of both the software and hardware on ATEs, there is a risk of tests not being performed effectively causing products to escape manufacturing with reliability and performance defects.

  •  Saved 240 hours in Engineering time
  •  Reduced retest and scrap. Saving of $200K in operator time.
  •  Improvement of first pass yield from 50% to 80%

“Having rapid and accurate visibility into our Test Data has improved our manufacturing operations in a number of different ways,” says the Engineering Test Manager. “Moving forward, being able to distribute this data to more functional teams within the company is our next goal. By everybody having access to the data to make decisions, this will improve overall collaboration and reduce times to fix problems.”

This industry-leading Aerospace Electronics Manufacturer monitored their Test Data through IntraStage solution that helped them more cleverly reduce manufacturing operation costs, improve their overall engineering efficiency and avoid recalls. The complete Case Study can be read here.


About the Aerospace Electronics Manufacturer

An industry leader who supplies critical systems and components to the aerospace and defense markets. Their products are found in some of the most demanding environments, from engines to landing gear, from satellites to medical implants, and from missiles to unmanned aerial systems (UAS).