Non-Disruptive Data Transformation,
Transformative Results

Seamlessly Incorporate Data From Your Manufacturing Processes

Using our prebuilt, off-the-shelf standard adapters, custom converters, or custom adapters, incorporate performance and process data from across your enterprise, without having to disrupt your manufacturing line or change the outputs or your manufacturing process.

Standardized Data 

  • Standardized IEEE ATML, NI TestStand and LabVIEW (TDMS) adapters
  • Leverage your test code to output our standard CSV output
  • Broad ICT and FCT reference library
  • Off-the shelf adapters and converters for common data formats
  • Low-code CSV mapping technology
  • Out-of-the-box test code scripts (.dlls)
  • Training and documentation for in-house converter development

Data Handling

  • Advanced data load logic (reference files, custom tables, duplicate event handling, exception handling)
  • Conforming checks
  • Rich error reporting & notifications
  • Data load tracking and traceability
  • Duplicate detection and rejection 
  • Data monitoring subscriptions and alerts
  • Clean and normalized transformation/automatio

By identifying the attributes and measurements critical from each data storehouse [whether it’s a single tester, an enterprise system like a Parts Lifecycle Management (PLM) application or an incoming inspection station], you can use our pre-built adapters or create your own converters to normalize that data into the IntraStage BlackBelt system.  

ETL and databasing information and performance from global manufacturing infographic

Complex Manufacturing Data Redefined

Once that data is normalized into the IntraStage BlackBelty system, give your engineers full lifecycle traceability on your Products. Drilldown to failure, SPC, or yield issues on your final product, sub-assemblies, or even individual components via stock web reports.  Or, grant secure read-only access to your single source of manufacturing truth to your engineers and analysts via 3rd party tools (like Minitab, DIAdem, Excel, PowerBI, and other standard analysis applications).

Rework and Repair Capture

Customizable Workflows to Capture the Rework and Repair Data Critical to Process Improvement

Predictive and Prescriptive

Track and Prevent Emerging Issues

Rich Insights For the Full Product Lifecycle

Drill-down from high-level yield and failures to root cause

Full Lifecycle Traceability

Gather the parametric and process details that drive quality. From FCT, ICT, Burn-in, Calibration, Paperless Forms, Waveforms, and other types of data critical to complex electronics manufacturing, normalize your product performance details in the same data warehouse. Give your users from NPI, R&D, Quality, Operations,  Manufacturing, and Supplier Quality the same single source of truth on quality and yield.

Test Results Just a Click Away

Test your product with full traceability of process and test performance.