high volume manufacturer of electronic surgical devices and generators

“The use of ‘data’ in industry today has become synonymous with the perception that organizations who use data effectively are modern and moving forward by increasing efficiency and staying competitive in a global market, whereas those who don’t are falling behind.”

-Hardware Engineering Manager


  • Lack of visibility into failure reasons and yield issues
  • Lack of tracking process anomalies which impact the overall manufacturing throughput
  • Lack of characterization on performance issues
  • No way to be proactive on line-stopping issues and problems
  • Ability to monitor critical KPI’s in real-time with Alerting and enterprise level visibility


  • Aggregation of manufacturing and failure analysis data from multiple product lines
  • Integration with other systems (Data Commander, SPC Monitor, Intelligent Clicker) to provide a full system monitoring process and product quality
  • Normalization of data to structure disparate datasets into meaningful information available to cross-functional teams
  • Out of the box and custom reports and visualizations with notifications and alerts


  • Real-time monitoring of data collection and business-focused metrics (throughput yield, failures, SPC on measurements)
  • Failure Analysis providing in-depth insight into both product and process performance
  • Live data transformed into positive business outcomes via manage-by-exception alerting

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