One of IntraStage’s longtime customers uses our software to perform sophisticated Design Verification Testing (DVT) analysis in order to verify that their products meet all their design specs. This customer’s R&D engineers use IntraStage web reports to select serial numbers of devices that have undergone the same specific Event. In this case, the Event is defined as a test and measurement that has undergone certain specific test conditions (like temperature or frequency or voltage.  All these are integrated into IntraStage as meta, and can be completely customized in the source data).  By selecting certain serial numbers that share those same conditions, the engineers can pull a comparison report showing the standard deviation and distribution of performance on each of the serial numbers.

Previously, the engineers did this via Excel pivot tables, which means that each of the 90+ engineers spent significant time finding, downloading, and pivoting the data prior to performing any actual analysis. By having a tool that allows them all to select the data they need with a few clicks, they can come to conclusions faster- and they can be sure that everyone is operating off the same consistent source data.  And when fewer engineers are expected to perform more efficiently every day, a few hours saved for each engineer each week adds up fast.

IntraStage software delivers a 360 degree view of quality, turning any test data into actionable information, allowing our customers to improve product quality, avoid recalls, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.