Secure Defense Manufacturing and Maintenance Facility

engineering, manufacturing and sourcing

Mission critical, complex electronic products with zero tolerance for field failure and a need to maintain Secure and Classified data.



  • Need to tightly control the manufacturing and rework/repair processes for highly complex, mission critical products
    1500+ user Scalable Deployment
    Provide real-time feedback and reports to engineers and operators
    Help ensure zero field defects
    Absolute traceability requirements
    Multiple approvals configuration with digital signatures


  • Integration of legacy data formats and new without interrupting the manufacturing process
    Automated control of manufacturing process based off of asset performance, with real-time control limit verification and control using IntraStage Web Services to check against up-to-the-minute spec limit updates
    Real-time analysis and capture of rework and repair data, including WECO feedback to operators
    System Architecture that supports multiple connected and air-gapped Classified servers.


  • Tightly controlled manufacturing process
    Tailored FRACAS-based Failure Analysis
    Better rework outcomes
    Real-time analysis for key quality indicators
    Single source of truth for product quality
    Integration with PeopleSoft MES system

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