Philips Respironics

high volume designer and OEM of medical respirators and ventilators

“Transforming our processes to optimize proactive quality management has saved our organization hundreds of man hours per year and improved our Rolled Throughput Yield. BlackBelt software has changed the engineering workflow to a proactive model by addressing issues as they arise with instant notification, alerts, and complete visibility. Monday meetings are now focused on what was resolved during the week and how to prevent them from occurring in the future.”

Senior Test Engineer


  • Lack of visibility into contract manufacturer performance, yield issues, and retest of subassemblies
  • Difficult and time consuming to verify ATE calibration, performance, and potential responsibility for failures/yield issues
  • Need to analyze voluminous ICT data, with thousands of parametric performance measurements


  • Deployment of BlackBelt Hosted solution to gather ATE data directly from the contract manufacturers automatically
  • Co-development of Gage R&R report to automatically verify tester performance (now pushed out to all BlackBelt customers)
  • Setup of alerts and subscriptions for retest, yield and performance issues


  • Immediate alerts on yield, retest and performance issues to maintain only high quality assemblies are shipped
  • Fast turnaround on Gage R&R requests to eliminate or identify tester performance as a factor in yield or failure issues
  • Drilldown into ICT performance, with SPC and other analytics
  • Closer and better collaboration with multiple CMs to maintain profitability and low cost

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