Leonardo (formerly Selex Electronics Systems/Selex Galileo)

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“Within two months of implementation of IntraStage, we improved our DPU rate. We generate a lot of test data and the manual effort to collect it, aggregate it, and analyze it through ad-hoc software solutions was very time consuming.”

Senior Engineer, Captor-E Radar System


  • Need to identify and minimize manufacturing/repair touch time
  • Need to investigate yield and performance issues at multiple sites with Secure and Secret deployments
  • Disparate Data from Complex Test Systems
  • Normalize and analyze data from ATML, NI TestStand, LabVIEW TDMS, PDF and various Text, CSV and Excel formats.


  • Aggregation of manufacturing and field/return data from Integration, ESS Thermal, ESS Vibration, Pre-ATP, ATP
  • Identify trends such as: measurement variation between test stations, test software impact on performance, and operator impact on performance and yield
  • Continuously gathering of test data fin any format, NI TestStand, LabVIEW TDMS, PDF, and multiple variants of .txt, CSV, and Excel formats with hundreds of metadata points for performance characterization.


  • Minimizing manufacturing/repair touch time
  • Faster production throughput
  • Reduction in Defect Per Unit (DPU) for high value assemblies.
  • Measure and track Throughput Yield
  • Single source of truth for as-built performance
  • Multi-site cross functional collaboration
  • Reduction in high value resource demand

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