Many of our customers, as manufacturers of complex aerospace components, have to provide test data to their customers (like the subcontractors or the manufacturer of the actual aircraft).  In addition to regular reports that go out on a weekly basis for each of the customers, the IntraStage client had to create ad-hoc reports whenever one of their customers request specific, historical test data on a product.

Putting these reports together required several hours per customer. Rather than continue to manually find, extract and compile report data, the IntraStage customer chose to create external-accessible sites. These secure project sites include test data for only one customer and specific product lines/processes; by giving that customer access to the site, they can query the database, create custom reports and subscriptions, etc. All of this saves our Customer several hours per week-for each of their customers. And by setting the project up so only specific Events are loaded into the database, our customer doesn’t have to worry about their customer seeing such extraneous Events such as tester calibration, etc.

IntraStage software delivers a 360 degree view of quality, turning any test data into actionable information, allowing our customers to improve product quality, avoid recalls, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.