manufacturing and Returned Materials Analysis and Process on high-volume communication devices



“The software is very easy to use and we were able to train several of our internal customers to use IntraStage to pull the reports they needed without our help, which saves them a lot of time.”

-Senior Quality Engineer



  • As a high-volume manufacturer with a dedication to higher quality and lower customer returns, Calix needed a way to track and control the RMA process
  • RMA data for each customer was tied directly to customer satisfaction and Calix profitability
  • Needed to replace two existing, incompletely integrated RMA/FRACAS commercial, off the shelf software system and processes in a very tight (less than one month) timeframe


  • Staged approach leveraging BlackBelt’s off the shelf data model and ETL capabilities, enabling a 30 day turnaround on all RMA data import and reporting needs.
  • Rapid deployment of Return Analysis and IntraStage BlackBelt products to capture and track and control incoming new RMA events
  • Custom report training to develop both executive level analytics and drill-down reports for both manufacturing and Return Analysis insight


  • Successful and rapid deployment, validation, and use of RA software and BlackBelt Manufacturing system
  • Deeper insights into correlation of manufacturing performance and RMA results
  • Previously un-seen analytics into RMA details, providing new insight into business-critical processes and results

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