Supplier Quality


Gain Insight and Control of your Supplier Quality

The BlackBelt Supplier Quality Platform allows real-time data capture of performance data from simple components to complex assemblies. Using Paperless Manufacturing forms, automated adapters or converters to verify supplier performance and ensure that your products maintain the end-to-end quality you need to keep production on track and customer satisfaction high.

Inspection at the Source

Detect and eliminate non-conforming components before they arrive to your production.  Give your suppliers the tools, drawings, instructions, real-time SPC and robust reporting to capture any issues on a per-unit or lot basis. Leverage advanced alerting and notifications capabilities to manage by exception, and keep your and your suppliers’ teams up-to-date and collaborating on any yield, performance, or quality issues.

Just-in-time Manufacturing

Validated parts from suppliers can skip the incoming inspection process and delivered to production line fulfillment. Having components fail at incoming inspection will mean significant and costly delays to your manufacturing.

Ease of Deployment

Using our secure Cloud, setup a network of suppliers on one of our sites to monitor quality 24/7. Integrate a secure ‘mothership’ site for your internal quality experts to view and analyze all your supplier quality data in moments. Provide your suppliers with well-documented Microsoft Excel based templates so they can capture your critical performance data quickly.  Easily author paperless forms to receive data over the web in real-time!

End-to-End Quality

Integrate your supplier data with your manufacturing and contract manufacturing data using a Hybrid Cloud deployment. Gain traceability, full genealogy and performance hierarchy for your final product, all the way down to individual supplied components. Trend and characterize on your components to learn where performance issues occur, and know how to resolve issues before they become line-stopping problems or customer returns.


Best-in-class features include:

  • Real-time data uploads
  • Alerts and notifications for non-conformance or control limit violations
  • Secure cloud-based deployments to minimize infrastructure costs
  • Instructions, ballooning, and drawings to guide operators
  • Integration with High Level Assembly and Manufacturing results
  • Dashboards and customizable reporting for different stakeholders and teams
  • Integration with Failure Analysis to investigate and resolve issues as they occur.


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