Return Analysis

Support your lean manufacturing process by identifying and learning from points of failure, automating workflows, and works towards zero defect delivery.


SixSigma methodologies by fully utilizing your return analysis data. Gather parametric performance metrics from field failures and compare those to manufacturing performance.


Root Cause

Use engineering specific processes to transform your returns into improved product quality. Build the alerts, data capture, and processes that help you to understand the trends that allow you to stay ahead of field failures and improve your brand image. Link manufacturing performance data to your Return Analysis data to understand the manufacturing factors of field failure, and how to improve.

Integrate with Enterprise systems

Seamlessly integrate your Return data and your Manufacturing Analytics data. Integrate your Return data organically with your CRM and other enterprise data using web services and API. Provide the workflow and process that transforms your existing enterprise data on returns into improved quality and efficiency.

Customizable workflows and inputs

Develop your own input forms, or use our own templates. Choose your approval processes and sign-off processes.


Drive Key Performance indicators and drill-down analytics like:
  • RMAs by Defect/Model/Return Rate/Customer/Supplier/Contract Manufacturer
  • Scrap Rate by Defect/Model/Return Rate/Customer/Supplier/Contract Manufacturer
  • Return Rate
  • RMA Details
  • RMA History (with Manufacturing Digital Traveler)
  • Mean Time Between Control Failures (MTBCF)
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Mean Time To Repair/Return (MTTR)
  • Warranty Analytics
  • Cost of Repair/Labor Analytics
Contact IntraStage today to receive a demonstration of Return Analysis. Learn how we can help you learn how to improve your RMA and field failure processes.

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