“The most complete digital twin available in the market today” – Diego Tamburini, Microsoft Principal Manufacturing Industry Lead

Optimize throughput, efficiency and quality with product lifecycle intelligence

Brings together “Fuses” product quality, process and enterprise data to provide the full Digital Twin as well as optimized throughput efficiency and reliability.

Fusion is an integrated suite of products that helps optimize product performance, quality, and efficiency for electronics manufacturers by automating, digitizing, and analyzing lifecycle data and KPIs from across the enterprise.
Manufacturers choose IntraStage’s cloud-scalable, open, and continuously supported COTS Fusion solution over homegrown or other market solutions because Fusion supports the industry’s most demanding data driven requirements.
Fusion is the full suite of BlackBelt products seamlessly joined with Enterprise Systems to deliver real-time data driven insights. This ‘single source of truth’ is the digital counterpart of a manufactured part and its processes. Fusion enables visibility and analysis of test data, inspection data, and process data; this visibility coupled with intuitive workflows helps manufacturers validate both the form, assembly, and integrity of parts and process.

Fusion is the full set of the IntraStage product suite including:
Failure Analysis

Early detection of global component supply issues with PPM & Components used. CLICK TO ZOOM
Improve product quality, reliability and manufacturing processes using design, BOM, assembly, test, inspection , repair and field data. CLICK TO ZOOM

Features of Fusion:

• Enterprise level Manufacturing • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) • Full history of every product • As-Built and As-Is genealogy • On-demand product quality certification at every level • Digital capture of manual processes • Workflows and automation • Statistical Process Control (SPC) • Fast performance. • Built using the most common industry tools

Benefits of Fusion:

• Cross-functional collaboration
• Enable proactive and predictive analytics
• Bridge the chasm between IT and manufacturing data
• Faster manual processes with digital forms
• Improve quality and reliability by capturing the full product lifecycle
• Instantly certify product quality and process
• Eliminate technical debt of homegrown solution with COTS solution
• Open architecture with regular updates and customization


Fuse Your Enteprise: Test, Inspection, Supplier, and R&D data into a single source of truth.