As Designed, As Built, As Maintained, As Is

Digital Twin Use Case: As Designed, As Built, As Maintained, As Is

For complex electronics manufacturing, there are several common terms for the configuration of a unit: as designed, as built, as maintained. Another term we use at IntraStage is ‘as-is’.

  • As designed: The designed configuration of a product.
    • Example sources: CAD
  • As built: The final configuration of a product 
    • Example sources: Assembly Genealogy files, Rework records
  • As maintained: The configuration of a product in the field
    • Example sources: MRO logs
  • As-Is: The accumulated genealogy and history of a unit throughout its lifecycle, including all disassembly and assembly information
    • Example source: BlackBelt Fusion

By seamlessly integrating all genealogy data from manufacturing, field, and rework cycles, BlackBelt Fusion gives insight into the performance of a complex electronic system down to its constituent parts.


  • Tracking complex electronics true genealogy
    • Traceability for multiple assembly, disassembly, and rework processes
      • Multiple levels of High Level Assemblies (HLA), Lower Level Assemblies (LLA) and components


  • Assembly and disassembly tracking
    • Paperless Genealogy Forms
    • Automated data capture 
    • Standard formats 
  • Off-the-shelf genealogy analytics
  • Normalized Repair, Assembly, and MRO data


  • Traceability
  • Better Supplier Capability/Quality
  • Dog Boards/Problem component identification
  • Compliance
  • Better design, support, and production
Unit Lookup with multiple rework
Unit Lookup; note multiple rework and assembly/disassembly steps and MRO steps

Enterprise PPM and DPMO

Prevent Customer Escapes, Improve Efficiency

Heatmap Overlay

Rapid Root-Cause Identification and Resolution

OEE and Cycle Time

Improve Manufacturing Velocity and Productivity


Fuse Your Enteprise: Test, Inspection, Supplier, and R&D data into a single source of truth.