Test Results
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Capture, Aggregate, Normalize and Analyze Test Data in Real-Time From Any Format

Rapid Test Engineering Workflows

  • Web-access to all tester records and analytics
  • UUT History/Event Report
    • Raw data support, including waveforms
  • Complete Serial Number History Report
  • Characterize and Correlate
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Failure Paretos
  • Station Performance and optimization
  • Test Process Performance
  • First-Pass, Last-Pass, Throughput Yield
  • Retest/Rework
  • Drilldown from Yield or SPC to unit performance
  • Web-based graphs and charts
  • Traceability

Building the Digital Thread for Electronics Manufacturer requires the ability to seamlessly incorporate new and upcoming sources of manufacturing data, enterprise attributes, and other silo’d data sources.

Success with a Manufacturing Intelligence platform requires a firm understanding of a company’s current manufacturing environment, digital readiness, and roadmap to the factory of the future.

Advanced Test Engineering Topics

Manufacturing Intelligence means having the off-the-shelf analytics and documentation to deploy and support advanced test engineering features.

  • Gage RnR on-demand
  • Realtime SPC and WECO
  • Hidden Factory
  • Other DB integration
  • Enterprise integration
  • Emerging standard and best practices
  • Workflows
  • Spec phase/requirements
  • Subscriptions
  • The Power of Attributes and Metadata
  • Applying Machine Learning and A.I. 
  • Strategy for Very Large Datasets

Yield and Pareto drilldowns

Learn how General Atomics digitized multiple data silos to ID issues that affected product quality

Real-time visibility

Converting ATE data and digitizing paper forms to identify and resolve manufacturing problems quickly
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Turning Data Into Action

Learn how Medtronic integrated BlackBelt to gain a full picture of their KPIs

SPC insight

Full system monitoring product quality and process efficiency
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Lower Costs, Faster Production time

Analyzing data from across the product lifecycle

WiP and Cycle Times

Intelligence from supplier subcomonents, CM Lower-Level Assemblies, and Higher-Level Assemblies
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