Paperless Manufacturing: Accelerate and simplify your manufacturing workflow

Reduce Disruptions with early Quality Engagement



Applications include:

  • Supplier Parts Inspection/Lot Testing
  • First Article Inspection
  • Incoming/Just In Time Inspection
  • Visual Inspection/Final QA
  • Bench Testing
  • Manual Stations
  • Digital Traveler

In most complex manufacturing environments, some critical Test Data is still recorded in paper based logs or in spreadsheets.  Data from these processes stays can remain in silos, which creates obstacles for engineers to access, analyze, and use to improve testing processes and product design.

IntraStage’s Paperless Manufacturing allows you to create, publish, and support your own manual-data entry web forms.  Features include:

  • Multi-serial number entry
  • Realtime Feedback window with Procedures/instructions/schematics/drawings/WECO/SPC
  • Context sensitive limits and instructions at every step
  • Numeric, string, drop-down, and Boolean measurement support

Implement Paperless Forms on your hosted or on-prem IntraStage BlackBelt deployment. Deploy and validate your Forms in days. Contact us to demo Paperless Forms today.