Inspection, Manufacturing, Assembly, and Test:
The Digital Factory of the Future

Aggregate, Normalize and Analyze Data in Real-Time From Any Format.
Transform Your Use of Test Data To Accelerate the Factory Of the Future for Zero-Defects Industries

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IntraStage - Verify
Connect the Factory of the Future
For Complex Electronics Manufacturers

The BlackBelt Manufacturing suite is the core product platform integrating all IntraStage solutions in a single interface. The BlackBelt suite is designed to automate the capture, retrieval, storage, reporting and visualization of product manufacturing and quality data. By tying together the parametric-level data that is the digital thread that ties together manufacturing, supplier quality, returned materials authorization/RMA, R&;D and Repair.

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Our Industries and Markets

Transforming Test Data From a Compliance Requirement into Real-Time Intelligence and Improved Business Outcomes.


What Our Customers Say

“Within two months of implementation of IntraStage, we improved our DPU rate. We generate a lot of test data and the manual effort to collect it, aggregate it, and analyze it through ad-hoc software solutions was very time consuming..."

“In less than one week, we had identified the problem by being able to mine and visualize previous test results that IntraStage had gathered automatically. Without IntraStage, this would have taken us months and lots of frustration...”

"IntraStage core technologies has enabled the visibility needed to achieve a 90% reduction of our yield issues. This ultimately reduced our Cost of Goods Sold by £ 500,000 / year through achieving target improvements in Rolled Throughput Yield..."

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