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On-Demand Deep-Dive Insight

Whether it’s preventing a faulty supplier component from stopping your manufacturing line, preventing a faulty test station from causing delays, or tracking and optimizing rework cycles, your engineers need data from across your product’s life-cycle at their fingertips. IntraStage provides integrated workflows to optimize your analytical processes.

  • Drill-down yield, paretos, characterization reports, and more.
  • Customizable Failure analysis and return analysis processes, including approval processes and signing authority
  • NPI and R&D measurement characterization to accelerate time-to-market

Turning Data Into Action

Learn how Medtronic integrated BlackBelt to gain a full picture of their KPIs

SPC insight

Full system monitoring product quality and process efficiency
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Yield and Retest

Learn how Crane uses BlackBelt to aggregate data and gain visibility into yield and retest

ITAR Compliant

High-volume capture of ATE and manual data entry
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Minimizing Repair and Touch Time

Aggregation and analysis of manufacturing, field, and return data

Single Source of Truth

Reduction in DPU and tracking Throughput Yield
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New Product Integration

Normalizing and characterizing RF data with hundreds of parameters

Learn How Motorola

On-demand characterization of complex RF data
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Anticipating IC Performance

Achieving Productivity gains, Quality improvement, and Operational results

Limit Tuning

Transforming manual processes on very complex, extremely large, and sensitive data
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Yield and Pareto drilldowns

Learn how General Atomics digitized multiple data silos to ID issues that affected product quality

Real-time visibility

Converting ATE data and digitizing paper forms to identify and resolve manufacturing problems quickly
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