General Atomics
R&D and Manufacturing of mission-critical defense and energy products

“In less than one week, we had identified the problem by being able to mine and visualize previous test results that IntraStage had gathered automatically. Without IntraStage, this would have taken us months and lots of frustration.”

-Test Manager



  • Need to analyze gigabytes of test data from ATEs producing LabVIEW and TestStand data outputs on the manufacturing floor to identify issues that affect manufacturing efficiency and product quality
  • Need to digitize paper-based manufacturing data capture to facilitate data analysis and improve process integrity
  • Need to incorporate data from multiple manufacturing lines and systems


  • Implementation of IntraStage BlackBelt on manufacturing line to aggregate and analyze manufacturing data
  • Implementation of paperless forms to gather parametric performance data and provide real-time feedback
  • Implementation of out of the box and customized auto-generated ATP report required by end-use customer.


  • Quickly identified out-of-specification parts (cycle time from months to minutes)
  • Real-time feedback to operators on product performance and characteristics
  • Visibility into performance along multiple product lines

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