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“BlackBelt not only provides instant insights into our complex product performance, but also has streamlined our manual workflows with Paperless Manufacturing. This has achieved a new level of visibility into our supply chain and, with a hybrid cloud solution, provides transparency to our customers beyond compliance. This is saving us hundreds of man hours and servicing our customers better. “

-Senior Test Engineer


  • Yield issues with a lack of visibility into the factors contributing to yield variations
  • Need to aggregate data from multiple ATE systems and paper-based processes for compliance and performance insight
  • Test station verification/validation and efficiency issues
  • Retest issues without visibility into the cause of retest
  • Need for ITAR-compliant data security


  • Implementation of stock and custom adapters to capture and normalize disparate ATE data
  • Support high-volume (30k plus forms in 6 months) manual data capture via Paperless Manufacturing
  • Developed a Retest report (now in BlackBelt for all customers) to show retest metrics
  • Use of the Limit Simulation report to gauge how adherence to internally developed control limits were affecting overall yield


  • Retest Reports accurately reported the performance of different fixtures, proving the case to implement new fixtures to increase yield and efficiency
  • One-click proof to their customer to receive clearance to use customer-set spec limits instead of internally-set spec limits , positively impacting yield
  • Visibility into product performance and yield for full manufacturing site

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