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“The number one thing you are supposed to do is…look at the measurement data as it comes in. Don’t wait until it literally bangs into the limit and stops the production line. You are supposed to look for trends before you get there.”


 Senior Test Engineer


  • Need to maintain tight performance tolerances of RF semiconductor design
  • Very large datasets meant that, in some cases, it took over two days just to aggregate data and forming it to be ready for analysis
  • Need for manufacturing and NPI data to be aggregated to allow limit tuning and measurement variance


  • Automation of data capture of IC design and performance data
  • Off-the shelf measurement trend analysis, characterization, and histogram analysis
  • Open analysis from BlackBelt via analysis tools like JMP, Matlab, Minitab, DIAdem, and Excel


  • Proactive visibility into IC lots and wafers
  • Deep-dive view of sub-assemblies and IC parts
  • Reduction in high value resource demand
  • Reduction in 10% of engineering time spent aggregating data for analysis

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