Motorola Solutions

engineering, prototyping, and new product introduction of public safety radio and communication devices

“…having my team and engineers manually compile, format and analyze the data easily accounted for 20% of their time…Once you have lowered the barriers to look at the data, you get a lot of new and interesting ways to solve problems.”



Section Manager


  • Need to rapidly run through New Product Integration (NPI) on mission-critical products with RF, digital, and analog components to maintain and improve position in a rapidly changing market
  • Need to gauge performance and characterize thousands of parametric measurements affected by hundreds of parameters.
  • 20 percent of engineering time was spent gathering, compiling and formatting data for analysis.


  • Deployment of IntraStage BlackBelt to aggregate, normalize, and store the performance data
  • Automated data mining reports developed, providing a 100+ team of engineers the parametric performance across multiple frequencies and other characteristics
  • Real-time analysis and collaboration on critical design performance


  • Increase in employee productivity
  • Better collaboration and teamwork
  • Instant access to insights driving qualification and decisions
  • Faster time to market for new products
  • Repeatable method for product performance and quality management

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