Photo of Group of People in a MeetingWe read a fascinating and timely column in Smart Industry last week by Mark Reisig (Dissolving silos with a digital thread). A summary of the column is that Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems are being transformed by the digital revolution, and that the digital thread which is now tantalizingly close to availability is providing new connections, visibility and collaboration. However, he writes that organizations are facing overwhelming data silos and disconnected information that are preventing organizations from achieving a data-driven advantage.

Mr. Reisig says that the organizations that will reap the most benefits of PLM systems will need an open, flexible and upgradable technology, and will need to connect users to the right data from across the product lifecycle.

Here at IntraStage, we enthusiastically endorse using our open architecture solution  to help our customers to achieve their product digital thread by freeing performance data from existing silos. Once data is available in a flexible, dynamic data model to users and experts from across an organization, new insight and collaboration will result in better processes and improved product quality.

Complex electronics manufacturers that are achieving the digital thread recognize that the industry-leading solution for enabling the flow of critical performance data from throughout their highly engineered product lifecycle. Gathering this data throughout systems, departments (NPI, R&D, Manufacturing, Operations, RMA, and Quality, to name a few) unlocks new value, efficiency, and visibility. Contact us for a demo to learn more about how we can help dissolve your data silos and accelerate your Factory of the Future.