IntraStage’s Customer Success Program

This is a part of IntraStage’s commitment to customer success, we implement a thorough process to ensure that, not only will the deployment be accomplished successfully, but that we also meet key business metrics and continue to be responsive to your companies needs.

The CSP emphasis is on providing an IntraStage Project Manager to help you and your employees achieve the goals for which the IntraStage software was acquired; as those goals are met, the Project Manager will work with your employees to identify new goals, as well as maintain and monitor performance on the original KPIs. Together we will sustain & monitor KPI’s

Throughout the CSP program the IntraStage Project Manager will monitor and track any changes in the KPIs; once these prioritized deliverables have been met IntraStage’s Project Manager will work with the Customer personnel to identify and metric new goals and KPIs. The Project Manager will discuss and escalate any mission-critical issues that could affect the Customer’s achievement of their defined goals.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”-Henry Ford

Managing, analyzing and reporting your test data in the cloud?

IntraStage has been providing solutions to companies who require real time analysis of their test data to improve product performance and reduce product failures and returns for a number of years now. Up until recently, most of these installations have required internal significant IT investment and involvement as the software application needed to be hosted on an internal server within the client’s premises.

Sometimes this was for product security reasons, other times for the uncertainty of uploading their data to a remote server outside of their control. These days, with the advent of secure cloud installations provided by companies such as Microsoft and Google, clients’ perceptions are changing. No longer is there a fear of this technology but a desire to embrace it and the cost saving benefits it provides.

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Your Data, Your Demo

With the new IntraStage secure cloud version, clients can be up and running in hours rather than the days and weeks when IT departments need to be involved. There is no expensive hardware and software to maintain, enabling clients to keep the set up and running costs low. The IntraStage cloud provides users with the same high performance web based interfaces they are used to, but the test data collected is gathered and stored securely on a dedicated IntraStage server instead. For added security, each client has their own secure database space on the server. This space is allocated on system setup.

-Ian Crighton | Director & Project Manager, IntraStage Partner

Implementing Real-time Supplier Quality Control with Paperless Forms

If your components fail in Incoming Inspection, you’ve already lost. You don’t have the components you need to assemble your final product, and there will be a delay until you get a new shipment (and the failed shipment might need to be sent back to the supplier-sometimes halfway across the globe). So how can you reduce your dependence on Incoming Inspection to find flaws in constituent components before they show up at your factory?

Since we work with complex electronics manufacturers, we are well versed in the complex electronic testing regime that occurs at the PCB and final assembly level. One of our customers taught us a valuable lesson about using our Paperless Forms technology to maintain real-time visibility into the quality of their component suppliers.

Instead of performing Final Circuit Tests or Environment Stress Screening on a complex product, our customer’s multiple suppliers were conducting relatively simple lot testing on physical components for a key product. Formerly, these lot tests were performed, the results were written on a clipboard, and the results were filed away.

Any engineer reading the previous paragraph will recognize that data that’s not digitized is data that’s not usable. And if that key data’s not usable, that engineer will have no idea that problems with the performance of the components in question will only become apparent too late to do anything meaningful to prevent bigger issues.

Our Paperless Manufacturing product is completely customizable via an intuitive GUI, and allow operators to enter data into a web-based form designed by our customers. This particular customer rolled out several supplier-facing Forms, and quickly gathered data coming from suppliers for critical (but simple) physical components from around the globe. By catching this data in real-time, our Customer was alerted to potentially negative emerging trends before they created any issue with their product on their manufacturing line.

In today’s world, if you’re reacting to a quality issue, chances are you’re already too late to prevent bigger headaches down the manufacturing line or with dissatisfied customers. If you’re proactively looking at your data and are alerted to progressively negative (but still having a passing status since they were within spec limits) trends, you can fix a broken process before calamity strikes.  And as we all know from the Hawthorne effect, simply setting the expectation that the data and processes are going to be analyzed can improve performance all by itself.

It’s interesting when I ask my new customers which data is still entered on clipboards from both their factory and from their suppliers, and what they currently do with that data. Across the board, there’s a resounding reply that they know they need to digitize the data and make it useful, but they need an easy way to accomplish that.


The Missing “V” in Big Data for the Test and Measurement Industry

Missing “V” in Big Data for Test and Measurement Industry

Last week I wrote about Big Data and Test and Measurement Industry and how IntraStage can address the Big Data characteristics:

1. Variety

2. Volume

3. Velocity

4. Visibility

5. Value

6. Veracity 

The recent article in GIGAOM highlights Velocity as the big issue in Big Data:

I argue that the missing V” is Veracity as 1 out of 3 executives don’t trust the data suppliers provide – or in some case hide and don’t even provide.

How can IntraStage solution help?

1-    Machine-to-Machine communication:  IntraStage is seamlessly integrated with your automated test equipment i.e., National Instruments LabView or TestStand as well as your Agilent and/or Teradyne/Genrad equipment.  In this case data is automatically collected and sent to the IntraStage database for storage and further analysis.

2-    Paperless Forms: This web-based system captures operator’s manual data such as visual inspection, Repair and Failure Analysis.  It then checks for data validity and sends it to IntraStage database.

3-    Mobile Data Entry: Our partnership with Formyula also allows users to capture manual data seamlessly on a mobile device (iPad and iPhone) and upload it to the IntraStage powerful analysis tool.

Getting accurate, timely and complete data (both pass as well as failures) from suppliers is a must-have.  It is well known that numbers don’t lie but sometimes liars do numbers!

IntraStage software is a Big data analytics for T&M.  It can collect data from various T&M equipment and disparate locations.  It then aggregates, synchronizes and retain large amount of data.  It finally converts this data to actionable information via reports, charts and alerts.

IntraStage software delivers a 360 degree view of quality, turning any test data into actionable information, allowing our customers to improve product quality, avoid recalls, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Big Data and Test and Measurement Industry

The Test and Measurement Industry (T&M) can benefit immensely from “Big Data” analytics.  Some estimates of industry growth predict that Big Data spending will reach $114 Billion in 2018.

Big data analytics is the process of examining large amounts of data created by T&M equipment to uncover hidden patterns, identify previously unknown correlations and provide other useful information. Such information can accelerate failure analysis, provide competitive advantages over rival organizations and result in business benefits-such as more effective manufacturing and increased revenue.

Big Data is characterized as 6 Vs:

  1. Variety: T&M generates data in many formats (including but not limited to binary, Excel, CSV, XML, Arrays, images, etc).  According to Gartner research, 50% of enterprises cite data variety, not data volume, as the primary driver of Big Data adoption.

  1. Volume: T&M creates huge volumes of data from its equipment.  It is not unusual to see a tester generates over 1 Terabyte of data per day.

  1. Velocity: With the widespread availability of faster, relatively inexpensive processors, testers are now generating data much faster than before.  Furthermore, an expanded use of sensors has accelerated interactions with T&M equipment.

  1. Visibility:  A large amount of data is created by T&M, but is it visible to the entire enterprise and will it provide access to those in need of deriving actionable information from the data?

  1. Value: T&M creates valuable data, although aggregation and synchronization continues to be a challenge.

  1. Veracity: 1 out of 3 executives surveyed mentioned that they don’t trust the data they have.  We all know about “garbage in, garbage out.” How can organizations extract data from T&M equipment without humans “massaging it” in order to generate valid data?


IntraStage software delivers a 360 degree view of quality, turning any test data into actionable information, allowing our customers to improve product quality, avoid recalls, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

IntraStage software is a Big Data analytics for T&M.  It can collect data from various T&M equipment and disparate locations.  It then aggregates, synchronizes and retains large amount of data.  Finally, it converts this data to actionable information via reports, charts and alerts.