Missing “V” in Big Data for Test and Measurement Industry

Last week I wrote about Big Data and Test and Measurement Industry and how IntraStage can address the Big Data characteristics:

1. Variety

2. Volume

3. Velocity

4. Visibility

5. Value

6. Veracity 

The recent article in GIGAOM highlights Velocity as the big issue in Big Data:


I argue that the missing V” is Veracity as 1 out of 3 executives don’t trust the data suppliers provide – or in some case hide and don’t even provide.

How can IntraStage solution help?

1-    Machine-to-Machine communication:  IntraStage is seamlessly integrated with your automated test equipment i.e., National Instruments LabView or TestStand as well as your Agilent and/or Teradyne/Genrad equipment.  In this case data is automatically collected and sent to the IntraStage database for storage and further analysis.

2-    Paperless Forms: This web-based system captures operator’s manual data such as visual inspection, Repair and Failure Analysis.  It then checks for data validity and sends it to IntraStage database.

3-    Mobile Data Entry: Our partnership with Formyula also allows users to capture manual data seamlessly on a mobile device (iPad and iPhone) and upload it to the IntraStage powerful analysis tool.

Getting accurate, timely and complete data (both pass as well as failures) from suppliers is a must-have.  It is well known that numbers don’t lie but sometimes liars do numbers!

IntraStage software is a Big data analytics for T&M.  It can collect data from various T&M equipment and disparate locations.  It then aggregates, synchronizes and retain large amount of data.  It finally converts this data to actionable information via reports, charts and alerts.

IntraStage software delivers a 360 degree view of quality, turning any test data into actionable information, allowing our customers to improve product quality, avoid recalls, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.