The Test and Measurement Industry (T&M) can benefit immensely from “Big Data” analytics.  Some estimates of industry growth predict that Big Data spending will reach $114 Billion in 2018.

Big data analytics is the process of examining large amounts of data created by T&M equipment to uncover hidden patterns, identify previously unknown correlations and provide other useful information. Such information can accelerate failure analysis, provide competitive advantages over rival organizations and result in business benefits-such as more effective manufacturing and increased revenue.

Big Data is characterized as 6 Vs:

  1. Variety: T&M generates data in many formats (including but not limited to binary, Excel, CSV, XML, Arrays, images, etc).  According to Gartner research, 50% of enterprises cite data variety, not data volume, as the primary driver of Big Data adoption.

  1. Volume: T&M creates huge volumes of data from its equipment.  It is not unusual to see a tester generates over 1 Terabyte of data per day.

  1. Velocity: With the widespread availability of faster, relatively inexpensive processors, testers are now generating data much faster than before.  Furthermore, an expanded use of sensors has accelerated interactions with T&M equipment.

  1. Visibility:  A large amount of data is created by T&M, but is it visible to the entire enterprise and will it provide access to those in need of deriving actionable information from the data?

  1. Value: T&M creates valuable data, although aggregation and synchronization continues to be a challenge.

  1. Veracity: 1 out of 3 executives surveyed mentioned that they don’t trust the data they have.  We all know about “garbage in, garbage out.” How can organizations extract data from T&M equipment without humans “massaging it” in order to generate valid data?


IntraStage software delivers a 360 degree view of quality, turning any test data into actionable information, allowing our customers to improve product quality, avoid recalls, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

IntraStage software is a Big Data analytics for T&M.  It can collect data from various T&M equipment and disparate locations.  It then aggregates, synchronizes and retains large amount of data.  Finally, it converts this data to actionable information via reports, charts and alerts.