What is Statistical Process Control (SPC)?

Statistical Process Control is an analytical decision making tool paramount for any manufacturing or engineering company to improve product quality by reducing process variation. It is a powerful tool that assists you to identify potential problems in process control and helps to optimize process, reduce process cost and observe noticeable improvement on the bottom line. SPC applies statistical methods and enables you to understand the interaction between variables, allow you to predict the effect of a new strategy and helps minimize the need for expensive and time consuming off-line testing.

Quality is a critical part in manufacturing line, crucial for every business because good quality helps to determine a firm’s success in a number of ways such as customer retention, well-built brand status besides attracting and retaining skilled workforce. Quality control and development department uses various tools to identify the main issues that affect product quality and acts to streamline quality by implementing corrective actions that increase productivity and maximize growth.

Studies reveal that SPC is well-known methods followed for monitoring, controlling and improving the process through statistical analysis. Manufacturers who have a continuous improvement program in place adopt Web Based SPC Software to monitor and control process variations and prevent waste from occurring. Every organization has number of processes and variables that can affect product and service outcomes, one greatest challenge is find & focus the processes & variables that are of key importance.

SPC tools help identify areas that need attention, but managerial approach is required to use the SPC tools well. SPC Software guides you the type of action that is appropriate for improving the functioning of a process, analyze the return on investment and aid industries follow data-driven philosophy of quality improvement that values defect prevention over defect detection.

SPC Software has number of tools to evaluate processes. Using the right tool will give you the exact Data Reporting of the process. Data reporting of each process is shown in chart format. Control charts graphically display your process information in an intelligent manner to operators and managers. Different types of charts like control chart, flow chart, Pareto Charts, Cross-sectional Chart, Mean chart, CUSUM and EWMA Charts and g Chart determines the ability of a process to meet client specifications. Leverage on Intrastage’s software to integrate test data from different sources and develop plans that directly impact the bottom-line.