Many organizations today struggle with getting meaningful insights out of their Test Data. Partly this is due to the complexity of the collection and aggregation of the data, and also partly due to the actual types of data that is recorded at the Test Stations. This complexity is largely a result of the multitude of different file formats that exist within Test teams and organizations. Even in a specific product family there can be multiple generations of test formats and the way to capture the Test Data can radically change. This results in a fractured ecosystem of data formats which make it difficult for Test Engineers and Management to get a global view of what is going on with their product quality.

With some careful planning, the test data collected from TestStand Database can be full of rich insights if some standard tags are added to the overall Test Data format. By standardizing on an output like Extensible Markup Language (XML), Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML) etc the re-invention of formats is eliminated. As the saying goes “Data is useless unless it is acted upon”. Test Data is key to identifying cost and throughput drivers on the product line. These new insights and capabilities can include Test Equipment Utilization, Test Equipment Accuracy, Yield Root Cause drill downs and Statistical Process Control (SPC).

With IntraStage you can seamlessly integrate test data from different sources and lower your product design, manufacturing and return costs by finding quality trends quickly and accurately.

IntraStage empowers businesses to make critical decisions easily and quickly throughout the product development life cycle with its Statistical Process Control Software. It has proved invaluable in uncovering improvement opportunities in both product design and manufacturing processes. Using a web based interface, IntraStage provides immediate access to all of your test data enabling you to quickly identify trends, failure analysis and yields. Built in QA routines such as CP, CPK, SPC and Six-Sigma help you identify the main issues affecting product quality.

IntraStage has no limit to the number of users who can take advantage of managing and analyzing their Labview database, from development engineers’ right through to manufacturing managers. By automating the process of collecting test data, OEMs can mine the data better and have the real-time SPC capability to view issues and respond quicker to potential problem spots. Due to real time and historical access to all your product test data you can visualize trends, SPC data which means to reduce product rework, retest, test cycles and bring faster response to complex hidden product problems.

Having deployed IntraStage you can achieve some meaningful results from the Test Data Tags implemented. Now it has become clear that with IntraStage’s Statistical Process Control Software we can do Intelligent Data Analysis and increase the quality of engineering decisions. Start using IntraStage today and improve your capabilities and reliability of the test data collection and statistical process analysis.