In the past, selecting the right instrumentation was the hardest part of automated test equipment.  Then the software requirements ballooned as end users started expecting resellers to implement prettier and more capable graphical user interfaces.  Then fixtures got more complicated as more signals needed to be tested, and simple GPIB instrument calls were replaced with larger APIs to handle PXI instruments.  Suddenly, making an automated tester was harder than ever, with the explosion of measurement capabilities and higher expectations on how the custom software will perform.

But now the complexity is increasing again, as more manufacturers are expecting the ATE’s to talk to their enterprise, whether it’s sharing data in a common database, collaborating across multiple testers in different locations, or tying into MES and ERP systems.  As an integrator, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the new requirements for ATE’s to be “Enterprise-ready”.

Luckily, IntraStage is here to help, with tools in both .Net and LabVIEW and training videos for test engineers to understand how to quickly upgrade an ATE to be “Enterprise Ready”.  For integrators, this can be a differentiator against your competition.  When partnered with IntraStage, your company can sell an Enterprise-ready ATE without it costing more than the way you built ATE’s in the past.  Your test software developers don’t have to become IT and database experts or learn the details of MES and ERP systems.  They keep programming in Visual Studio and LabVIEW like they always did, and using the free IntraStage drivers, the data output files are ready for the Enterprise.  IntraStage is your partner in test databases, allowing your ATE’s to check the box: “Enterprise-Ready”.