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  • Web Based Analytics to quickly root cause issues 
  • Full Traceability of all Test Data on Products 
  • FDA, Aerospace and other Test Data Compliance 

Recall and Return events on Medical Device, Aerospace, and other Electronic products can have serious outcomes where the FDA, your customers, or other authorities quickly want to understand and root cause failures of those products. Whether the investigation is done via “paper” or through manual manipulation of spreadsheets with Test Data, the process can be prone to error, tedious and slow. In today’s fast pace environment and customer’s expectations of quick fixes to serious problems…this is no longer a competitive way to respond.

The IntraStage Analytics and Business Intelligence software can help:

  • Providing compliance through having secure and permanent storage of all the Test Data
  • Being able to quickly perform analytics on the Test Data through web based applications
  • Providing full traceability on how the product was manufactured