BlackBelt Fusion Is Now Available on the Azure Marketplace

With IntraStage BlackBelt Fusion now available for Transact on the Azure marketplace, customers can now streamline their purchasing process for the industry leading Fusion platform.

BlackBelt Fusion: Manufacturing Intelligence now available for Azure Transact

By being able to use existing corporate Azure consumption goals, purchasing managers can fulfill contractual spend obligations with Microsoft while delivering their operations, design, and process engineering teams a system that provides rich analytic insight into product and process performance. With deployments available in the Azure cloud, customers can accelerate their deployment process and achieve faster time to value. In addition, on-premise customers can bring their own licenses (BYOL) for migration, thereby achieving purchasing and operational streamlining. Customers can now leverage the IntraStage and Microsoft partnership to achieve such advantages as:

  • Faster time to deployment and a simplified purchasing cycle and (“Click to Accept” standardized terms)
  • Consolidated billing
  • Free Test Drive available through Azure
  • Private offers exclusively tailored to fit your specific business needs
  • Streamlined business processes via pay as you go options with Azure managed consumption
  • Flexible deployments methods (full SaaS or deployed in your Azure tenant)
  • Align with your their enterprise cloud strategy by contributing to their Azure cloud migration and consumption target
  • Integrate department software solution needs at the enterprise solution level.

BlackBelt Fusion delivers the complex electronic industry’s first embedded PowerBI manufacturing dashboard for KPI insight and root-cause analysis. With rich insight on electronic manufacturing process and product, from high level KPIs all the way down to root-cause and SPC analysis at the parametric level, Fusion helps customers apply manufacturing intelligence by delivering:

  • Interactive analytics with the speed that inspire data-driven culture at every level.
  • Embedded – BI for everyone (web-distributed analytics for the full product lifecycle, including supply chain insight)
  • Confidence in single source of truth

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