Motorola Solutions is a world leader in providing 2-way radio products to enterprise and government organizations around the world.  Such 2-way radios are used by Firefighters, Police and Public Safety personnel to communicate mission critical voice and data. These are complex products with analog, RF, digital components requiring extensive testing both at the R&D prototyping and manufacturing stage to ensure quality for these demanding end markets.

“Each prototype can run into the thousands of tests and can take days to complete. Gathering such test data into a readable format has always been a challenge” according to the Test Manager at Motorola Solutions in Chicago, USA who has been with the organization for over 30 years. “We created an internal solution that did the basics and got us what we needed, but the maintenance around the solution was costly for my team. Having engineers come to us to run reports and design feature upgrades was taking up too much of our time”

“Not only was maintenance an issue but having my team and engineers manually compile, format and analyze the data easily accounted for 20% of their time”.  While the ROI was clear in improving productivity of his test and engineering team,  moving to a solution that would give instant access to that test data and a way to mine the data was an important priority.  With a clear vision on how to proceed, an initiative was drawn up to evaluate potential solutions and IntraStage was brought in to fill the gap.

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