Our solution architecture service is an all encompassing look at how all your product test data is being used in your organization and how to maximize that value inherent in that test data to improve your product quality. This includes comparing to such industry standards as 6-sigma, Lean Manufacturing and ISO9001.

This includes an analysis of the test data from functional areas like R&D, manufacturing, supplier data, repair and the field. It can also take into consideration facility specific, business-unit wide or even enterprise wide considerations in how you manage your test data.

The most important outputs of this service are:

  • Recommendations to current test processes to get the most value out of your test data (for example: adding new data fields, linkages to equipment calibration data etc)
  • An inventory of all the different test data formats and sources of your test data.
  • Reporting required to conform to company specific or industry quality standards
  • Networking architecture if testing sites are distributed
  • Which processes can be automated
  • Integration recommendations to other ERP systems etc
  • Integration of existing test databases (including legacy COTS or homebuilt database and SPC systems)

Please contact IntraStage at: info@intrastage.com for a more in depth discussion on how we can help you optimize your product quality processes.