Intrastage Inc. announced that Selex Galileo of Finmeccanica of UK, which is a designer and manufacturer of aerospace electronics, is moving forward with the installation of Intrastage at all their jor design and production sites.

Engineering complex aerospace electronics is an activity dependent upon making the correct critical decisions. When a product fails a test, data is the key component to make faster and better quality decisions on rework and steps forward. IntraStage serves a key component in their decisions by allowing them to quickly mine and visualize test results. Without Intrastage before, there was no capability to retrieve and store the data. Now with the data available, they can not only have historical data right at their fingertips, they can mine it and look at in unique ways that improve their overall quality decisions

About IntraStage
IntraStage is an enterprise software provider for companies who design and manufacture electronic products. Our software automates the retrieval, storage, mining and visualization of R&D, supplier and production test data. Our clients choose us because we seamlessly integrate test data from different sources, lower their product design, manufacture and return costs by finding quality trends more quickly and accurately. Fortune 100 companies rely on us to keep them competitive when product quality and customer satisfaction are key differentiators.