IntraStage’s legacy software is still supported in different versions available for different use cases and needs, with upgrade paths available for YellowBelt and GreenBelt.

YellowBelt Express

YellowBelt Express provides core IntraStage capabilities to companies with smaller budgets, limited IT support and fewer users. Included are the the ability to import IntraStage CSV into a cloud database with fully featured stock reports. Quickly and automatically upload data and obtain Yield, SPC, Paretos and Characterization analytics on that data. Suitable for divisions responsible for R&D, Supplier Quality, and Contract Manufacturing monitoring for smaller datasets.

GreenBelt Express

GreenBelt Express provides expanded IntraStage capabilities to organizations with the need to upload additional data formats (IntraStage XML, NI outputs, and IEEE ATML) and receive automated emails on that data. Optionally integrate IntraStage’s customizable Failure Analysis/Repair Materials Authorization module to gain full end-to-end product data. Suitable for roles like Test Engineering, Quality Engineers, and Manufacturing Engineers.

YellowBelt  Express

GreenBelt Express

BlackBelt Enterprise

Out of the Box Web Analytics
Web based Reports for Yield, Failures, Capability
Yield (FPY, LPY, TPY)
Traceability (Serial Number lookup, Serial Number History, Genealogy)
Failure Modes (Paretos, Stack Chart, Group Chart,Retest)
Gage R&R
Work In Progress (Product Backlog, Manufacturing Process cost)
Parametric Performance (Trends, Histograms, Box and Whiskers)
Capability Reports and SPC Reports (CPK, PPK, CP, Xbar-R)
Administrative Reports (Usage, Server Status, DataSource Status)
IntraStage-Built Custom Reports
Self-Service Custom Reports
Data Deep Dive
Characterization (DVT, NPI,Limit Tuning,
Waveform Analysis
Predictive Analytics/Machine Learning
Automate and Share
Subscriptions (Automatic email delivery of key metics)
Alerts (Manage by exception) Limited
Data Import Options
IntraStage CSV (V1-2)
IntraStage XML (V1-6)
NI TestStand (XML,ATML, HTML, TXT, Access, SQL, MySQL)
NI Labview (TDM, TDMS)
Custom Adapters
Manage Your Data and System
Manage and Modify Your Data
Manage Dashboards
Manage Data Sources
Advanced User and Role Management
Enterprise System Integration
IntraStage Database Objects
IntraStage Web Services
ERP/MRP/MES/CRM/system integration
IntraStage Database Customization
Addon Modules
Paperless Forms
Failure Analysis (RMA and Rework)
Deployment Options
Web Based
Onsite and Secret Deployments
Size of Database
Database Size Limit 1 GB of CSV 10 GB 50 GB
Size Expansion?
Named Users
2 Super Users 2 Super Users,

3 Standard Users

10 Customizable Users