Intrastage Inc. announced today that Northrop Grumman will deploy the Intrastage solution at their east coast operations.

Before Intrastage much of their supplier test data took weeks to retrieve, consolidate and perform analysis on to understand how their overall end-product design was performing in production. This meant a lag between product issues emerging and solutions being implemented. Now, by using the powerful capabilities of Intrastage to remotely acquire that data, store it and perform rapid reporting and visualization engineers and managers can more quickly respond and decrease the overall product debug cycle.

About IntraStage

Intrastage is an enterprise software provider for companies who design and manufacture electronic products. Our software automates the retrieval, storage, mining and visualization of R&D, supplier and production test data. Our clients choose us because we seamlessly integrate test data from different sources, lower their product design, manufacture and return costs by finding quality trends more quickly and accurately. Fortune 100 companies rely on us to keep them competitive when product quality and customer satisfaction are key differentiators.