FREE REPLAY of Supplier Quality Webinar 3.11.14

Guaranteed Quality with Inspection at the Source

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How many times are your CMs and suppliers retesting their parts to get them to pass?

What supplier changed their process parameters last month – and how did that affect your yield and customer returns?

Which suppliers and CMs are giving you the highest quality results – and how can you improve those that aren’t?

Most electronic device and system manufacturing organizations can’t answer these questions right away. It often takes weeks of data collection and analysis to answer just one of these questions, by which time hundreds of thousands of dollars of product have gone out the door. Global manufacturing and supplier networks require a global data management system.


At this free IntraStage Webinar, you’ll learn:                                                     

1.  Seven areas where manufacturing and supply chain data can be used to improve your manufacturing yield and reduce customer escapes,

2.  How to access test process information about all your CMs, suppliers, and sub-tiers on-line in real time,

3.  How to make your suppliers feel that your success is their success,

4.  The best way to identify issues with new product introductions – and how to accelerate the time to high-yield production,

5.  How to analyze the tremendous volume of data available to extract the critical information you need to take action,

6.  Why companies like Honeywell, Intel, Motorola, and Tandem are using IntraStage to collect and manage test data from their supply chain sites around the world.

Register now, and in a few months you may be saying the same thing as one of the test managers at Goodrich:  “IntraStage contributed to a significant improvement in our overall product quality”.