Managing, analyzing and reporting your test data in the cloud?

IntraStage has been providing solutions to companies who require real time analysis of their test data to improve product performance and reduce product failures and returns for a number of years now. Up until recently, most of these installations have required internal significant IT investment and involvement as the software application needed to be hosted on an internal server within the client’s premises.

Sometimes this was for product security reasons, other times for the uncertainty of uploading their data to a remote server outside of their control. These days, with the advent of secure cloud installations provided by companies such as Microsoft and Google, clients’ perceptions are changing. No longer is there a fear of this technology but a desire to embrace it and the cost saving benefits it provides.

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Your Data, Your Demo

With the new IntraStage secure cloud version, clients can be up and running in hours rather than the days and weeks when IT departments need to be involved. There is no expensive hardware and software to maintain, enabling clients to keep the set up and running costs low. The IntraStage cloud provides users with the same high performance web based interfaces they are used to, but the test data collected is gathered and stored securely on a dedicated IntraStage server instead. For added security, each client has their own secure database space on the server. This space is allocated on system setup.

-Ian Crighton | Director & Project Manager, IntraStage Partner