ACHIEVE Zero Defects

Learn how IntraStage customers with a requirement of zero defects control their processes and root-cause their issues

When Field Failures Are Not An Option​

When field failures are not an option, industry leaders turn to IntraStage to control their processes and root-cause manufacturing issues before they become problems.

Gain control of your manufacturing data and processes.

  • Failure process control, including automated failure analysis and approval processes on the manufacturing line
  • Scalable, extensible Return Analysis that integrates field and return data with original manufacturing results.
  • Full traceability on your mission critical products, all the way down to sub-assemblies, lower-level assemblies, and sub-components.
  • Enterprise integration API and processes to fuse performance data with ERP, CRM, MRP, MES, and other systems.

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Zero Defects

Tightly controlling the manufacturing and rework process for highly complex, mission critical products

Single Source of Truth

Real-time feedback, absolute traceability, tight performance control
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Improving Customer Satisfaction

Full visibility and control into return analysis process

Quick Deployment, New Insight

Rapid deployment to achieve deeper insights into product issues directly affecting customer satisfaction
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Quickly Root-Causing Issues

Immediate insight into performance and quality issues down to component-level performance

Instant Defect Analysis

Improving throughput yield and reducing costs of goods sold
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Minimizing Repair and Touch Time

Aggregation and analysis of manufacturing, field, and return data

Single Source of Truth

Reduction in DPU and tracking Throughput Yield
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Anticipating IC Performance

Achieving Productivity gains, Quality improvement, and Operational results

Limit Tuning

Transforming manual processes on very complex, extremely large, and sensitive data
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Lower Costs, Faster Production time

Analyzing data from across the product lifecycle

WiP and Cycle Times

Intelligence from supplier subcomonents, CM Lower-Level Assemblies, and Higher-Level Assemblies
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