Can you count on your Supply Chain Quality? FREE Webinar 11.12.13

What parts are the biggest sources of failures in your manufacturing process?


How many times are your CMs and suppliers retesting their parts to get them to pass?


What supplier changed their process parameters last month – and how did that affect your yield and customer returns?

Do you know the answers to these questions? Most electronic device and system manufacturing organizations don’t. Global manufacturing and supplier networks require a global data management system.

Join us for a free webinar on Global Manufacturing Quality Management

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WHEN: Tuesday, November 12th

TIME: 9a.m. PST

At this free IntraStage Webinar you’ll learn:

1.  Seven areas where manufacturing and supply chain data can be used to improve your manufacturing yield and reduce customer escapes,


2.  How to access test process information about all your CMs, suppliers, and sub-tiers on-line in real time,

3.  How to make your suppliers feel that your success is their success,

4.  The best way to identify issues with new product introductions – and how to minimize the time to high-yield production

5.  How to analyze the tremendous volume of data available to extract the critical information you need to take action,


6.  Why companies like Honeywell, Intel, Motorola, and Tandem are using IntraStage to collect and manage test data from their supply chain sites around the world.

Register now, and in a few months you may be saying the same thing as one of the test managers at Goodrich:  “IntraStage contributed to a significant improvement in our overall product quality”.

The new big thing…BIG Data

BIG data is a collection of sets of data too large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools. Get this… it is estimated that in 2012 most mid-size companies in the USA generate the equivalent data of the US Library of Congress in 1 year. As a company, Walmart creates the equivalent of 50 million filing cabinets worth of data every hour. While these numbers seem incredible, the trend for most companies is an increasing volume of data generation and storage.

Product Quality Test Data generated by Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) in R&D, Manufacturing and Repair environments is no exception. The challenges of this enormous amount of Test Data is how to provide people with effective way to make product quality decisions from it. Quality today means augmenting the power of traditional SPC (Statistical Process Control) techniques with activities such as ensuring complete visibility into yields, being able to link failures with repair information and having a collaborative platform upon which all functions of an organization (R&D, Manufacturing, Supply Chain etc.) can access this Test Data to quickly root cause issues.

If you would like to know more about these trends and how some Fortune 1000 companies are improving their Product Quality our VP Sales & Marketing will be holding a seminar on…”Using BIG Data to Improve Product Quality for Electronic Manufacturers” at the FREE Del Mar Electronics & Design Show.

We are nominated for Best in Test!

Test and Measurement World have selected the finalists for the Best in Test awards and the Test of Time award.  The editors have searched through many commendable products, nominated by vendors, that were introduced between November 1, 2011, and October 26, 2012. With your vote, IntraStage can win this annual awards program, which recognizes excellence in electronics test and measurement.


Place your vote for IntraStage’s Black Belt 5.0 HERE!

Test and Measurement World will announce the category winners at their Best in Test event, which will be held on January 31 in conjunction with DesignCon 2013; they will also announce them at in February. We hope to see you there!

NITS Events…We promise your grandma won’t be there

Join IntraStage for a one-of-a-kind event packed with new technology demonstrations, expert advice, hands-on learning opportunities, and a partner exhibition. Beginning in October, IntraStage will be attending NI Technical Symposiums in 9 cities throughout North America. The day-long event program features a morning keynote and more than a dozen technical sessions designed to help you enhance your productivity, reduce your costs, and optimize your system’s performance.  Follow us as we bounce around the US.  This month Patrick Kelly will be in Huntsville, AL on October 30th.  For further details please visit our events page.  We hope to see you there, without your needle and yarn.

Webinar: Compliance & Traceability ~ Problems Happen…be Prepared for them

IntraStage recently held a Webinar on Compliance & Traceability…How to have a better sleep when Mayhem happens.  The content of the webinar focused on:

  • Why Traceability and Compliance are getting more important
  • Test Data and Database Best Practices
  • Demo of using IntraStage to rapidly look up Serial Numbers and pinpoint failure causes
    We also have a whitepaper available on Compliance & Traceability.